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Spay & Neuter Resources

Spaying and neutering your pets saves lives and helps prevent unwanted litters.


Our vision of a community free of homeless and neglected pets can only happen by controlling the pet population. 


Every pet adopted out of the Van Wert County Humane Society is spayed or neutered before being adopted. While the VWCHS is currently unable to provide in-house spay & neuter clinics for the public (all of our animals are fixed through partnerships with our local vets), we do partner with Public Vet to offer low-cost clinics periodically to the public and have compiled this list of resources for citizens.

1. Public Vet-Public Vet is a mobile spay & neuter clinic that offers low cost spay & neuter options for both pet and community cats. To see dates and locations where the Public Vet will be, and to register for a Public Vet Clinic, visit Be sure to check our website and Facebook, where we often offer vouchers for discounts off of the service.

2. Humane Fort Wayne-Humane Fort Wayne, currently located at 4914 Hannah Street in Fort Wayne, offers low-cost spay and neuter options for both dogs and cats. To see details, visit

3. Humane Ohio-Humane Ohio, located at 3948 West Alexis Road in Toledo, OH, offers low-cost spay & neuter options for both cats and dogs. To see details, visit

*This list is not all-inclusive and will be updated as we find more information about low-cost spay & neuter programs. We also suggest calling your regular vet to see about options they may have.
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