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In 2014 a group of individuals, in cooperation with the Van Wert County Sheriff's Department and the Van Wert County Commissioners, agreed to join forces and work together to improve conditions and treatment of animals at the shelter.  These concerned individuals formed a newly established Van Wert County Humane Society Board of Directors and created by-laws and policies.  Volunteers provided daily help at the shelter and a social media presence was created. 

Since 2014 the VWCHS has found new homes for 1,568 animals and reunited 797 animals with their owners.


Board Members
Sarah Burden, Vice President
Donna Thomas, Treasurer
Aimee Bassett, Secretary 
Kirsten Barnhart

Franki Eggleston
Jeff Hood

Deb Sealscott
Kelly Straley
Thaison Leaser

Michelle White


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