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Foster A Pet

Fosters are essential in helping us fulfill our vision of having a community free of homeless and neglected animals. From time to time, it's essential for us to use fosters to help animals who have special needs become adoptable. 


Not every animal who comes to us is ready to go to their forever home. Kittens who come to us sick, malnourished, and injured often next extra time and attention to get healthy before they are placed. Some of our animals require life-saving surgeries such as amputations and must learn to cope with loss of eyesight. We sometimes have dogs that much undergo heart worm treatment or pregnant mothers who need a calm environment to have puppies and kittens. Our fosters help give these animals the love, care, and attention they need before they can be adopted. We provide the treatment plan and funding to care of these animals, and our fosters provide the warm, safe, quite place for them to thrive. 

Fostering pets is a rewarding opportunity in which humans can help an animal become a wonderful family pet. 

If you are interested in fostering, please contact our shelter at 419-238-5088.

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