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What to do if you find a lost pet...

When you find a dog or what seems to be a lost family cat, there are several things you should do.

1. Option 1-Call the Dog Warden: In Van Wert County, the Van Wert County Sheriff's Office serves as the Dog Warden. Together, we partner to make sure lost dogs find their way to safety. If you find a lost dog, please call the Sheriff's Office at 419-238-3866.

2. Option 2-Bring the lost pet to the shelter: If you are able, you can also bring the dog to the shelter during business hours. Bringing the dog to the shelter allows us to scan the dog (or cat) for a microchip. Many people who lose their dog call the shelter first.

3. Option 3-Let the shelter know you found a lost dog: If you decide to house the dog and look for the owner yourself, please let us know. The best way to ensure the dog makes it home is by at least informing of that you have found a lost dog so that if someone calls looking for it, we can let them know where it is.

What to do if you lost a pet...

When you find a dog or what seems to be a lost family cat, there are several things you should do.

1. Option 1-Check the Van Wert County Humane Society Facebook page: The first thing we do when a lost dog is brought to us is scan it for a microchip. If it does not have a microchip, we will post all lost dogs to our Facebook page.

2. Option 2-Call or Facebook message the shelter: If you do not see your lost dog (or cat) on our Facebook page, feel free to give us a call or message us on Facebook to see if we have received information about someone who possibly found your lost pet. 

3. Option 3-Check local pet Facebook pages: There are several citizen-run Facebook pages that help reunite people with lost pets. Van Wert Lost and Found Pets, Hands Helping Paws, and Lost and Found Pets in Van Wert/Mercer/Paulding Area are so popular pages utilized by citizens in the area. 


What to do if your pet has an emergency...

If your pet has an emergency after regular veterinary hours we suggest calling:

1. West Central Veterinary Clinic in Lima at 419-221-0269 (located at 3077 Harding Highway in Lima, OH)

2. Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in Fort Wayne at 260-426-1026 (located at 5818 Maplecrest Road in Fort Wayne, IN)

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